B-Stands for Bronco, Benz, BMW & Bracelets

I’m just saying! You can’t talk about bracelets and that song not pop in your head! (Ok, maybe it popped in my head) Any who, let’s talk about bracelets. I feel slightly naked when I don’t have one on. Depending on your mood, you can use them to switch up your everyday look! Bracelets is the accessory that we look at to play a supporting role to an outfit. But quiet as kept, it can really emphasize your style.

You don’t have to break the bank on bracelets! Handmade, gold cuffs, plastic or links, you can really build up your arsenal rather quickly. What I love about bracelets is that you can stack them to the gods or be simple and chic. I say if it caught your eye, buy it! Let’s face it; you don’t want your bracelet to be in your jewelry box alone! Go all out by season, by texture, by style!




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