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Rouge Couture Co.

Sunset Glow Gemstone Cascade Earrings

Sunset Glow Gemstone Cascade Earrings

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Elevate your evening ensemble with the Sunset Glow Gemstone Cascade Earrings. Crafted to capture the rich hues of a sunset, these earrings feature a stunning gradient of gemstones from a delicate purple to a deep amber, culminating in a fiery red teardrop. Each stone is framed with a delicate gold trim, adding a touch of luxury to these statement pieces.


• Elegantly graduated gemstone colors mimicking a sunset palette
• Large teardrop design for a dramatic, eye-catching appearance
• Gold-tone setting that provides a warm and rich finish
• Secure stud backing ensures comfortable wear and stability
• High-quality faceted stones for maximum sparkle and clarity
• Perfect for formal events, gala nights, or as a gift for someone special
• Lightweight design for a comfortable fit, even with extended wear

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